Broads You Should Know

Introduction to Broads You Should Know / A Brief History of the Word “Broad”

November 9, 2019

Welcome to Broads You Should Know, the podcast about amazing and noteworthy women from history!

Broads You Should Know is hosted by Sam Eggers, Sara Gorsky, & Justin Xavier, and if you have no idea who we are... this is the episode for you! In it, we introduce ourselves and then break down the history & usage of the word "Broad" and why we chose it for the title of our podcast. We also talk about the types of women we'll be covering & give you a feel for who we are and why we're passionate about the subject!

If you have any women you'd love for us to cover on a future episode, send us an email at or dm us on IG: @BroadsYouShouldKnow





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