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Ida Tarbell — The Mother of Modern Journalism Ethics Who Took Down Standard Oil [Sam Eggers]

April 22, 2020

A Broad is a woman who lives by her own rules. Broads You Should Know is the podcast about the Broads who helped shape our world.

This week, Sam brings us the story of the woman who single-handedly reshaped an industry while taking down another: Ida Tarbell!

Ida was one of the first investigative journalists. She imposed strict rules upon herself that became the standard for the type of journalism we see today, things like: 1) Off the record, 2) Never betray your source, & 3) Never accept gifts from an interview subject. While researching Abraham Lincoln, she was one of the first reporters to track down old friends and neighbors to get the subject's life story starting in childhood. Without her, reporting would look a whole lot different, and that's why we think she's a broad you should know.


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