Broads You Should Know

Eartha Kitt — American singer/actress (& more) who overcame being Blacklisted by a US President

January 8, 2020

This week, Sam teaches Sara & Justin more than ever knew about the one and only Eartha Kitt!

As a mixed-race child born in 1927, she suffered greatly in her early years due to racism from both whites and blacks. Her own mother was cruel to her, and their family had trouble finding a place to live because no one wanted a "yellow" child in the neighborhood. From there, however, Eartha overcame. She joined a dance school that brought her to Europe. There, she developed one-woman shows which eventually led to meeting Orson Welles and a film career. The story only gets more interesting from there, involving US Presidents, being blacklisted, and a quest to discover who her real father was. Learn about all of that and more on this week's Broads You Should Know!


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